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Was named LimYongXiang. Am proud of my name. 17th year on this wonderful Earth. Love God, family and frens. Like basketball soccer physical activities chatting and laugh. Appreciate every moment everyday. Glory to God. Amen!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010


ahhh!! how dead my blog is..
err... kinda busy these past weeks and also the coming few weeks ahh!!
gonna go crazy... due date here due date thr.. ahh!!
ok lost my pendrive.. ahh!!
anyway L1R5 9 so gotta eat b'fast with principal what the!! haha!! so happy, happy for results not eating with principal.. err..
guitar, i'm getting in love with you again!!
tchoukball frisbee here i come!!
basketball dance... err... need more determination.. :'(
love my family woohhooo!!
err. gonna go 'bath eat do hw study sleep' now... what a life.......
k bye!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

nice pics

Ahh!! And...... she's off!!

An interesting view of a tree.. Leaf-less branches, and branches with colourful leaves..

A different perspective taken from a swimming cool. Uncover a new aspect.

You dare?? I not..

An astronaut taking a picture of himself in space.. Nice..

Whoa.. whirpool?? tsunami?? giant waves?? Scary...

How beautiful are the beams of scintillating light!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Changing world... Is it the e.......??

1226 indian ocean tsunami??
Rising of terrorists??
Si Chuan earthquake??
Padang earthquake??
Those were the further past...

Haiti terrifying tragedy??
Fall of a nation, Haiti??
Continual threats from terrorists??
New nation, Yemen joining terrorists??
Tons of new security regulations due to the threats??
Fear of thousands and millions of citizens, bombing, dangers, disasters??
Malaysia religion conflict??
Political conflict, weakening??
Breaking down of Obama??
Internet conflict between Google and China's web market??
Deterioration of human's value??
These are the recent's...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

17/1/2010. Tears, Acheness, Sorrows... Justice??

I have no idea how many people will look at this. But, may it be sinked under the blanket of history, not to be read by anyone, let it just be my words, my emotional words, to my dear late brothers....

Brainlocked, tonguedtied, heartwrenched when i got hold on the news, i even ask, although in vain of hope of the false news, "Is it really true??", holding back my tears, try not to stammer too strongly, in vain.



What else can I say? I've gone to this place, not that i dont wann, but not that i really wann to, but its God that put in here, I'll, try my best, to obey Him.. How I cried, how i shivered, how i feel like bursting out shouting.. How cruel, how pathetic... Time gives, time takes.. In the past 17years of my life, I've never been more understanding to the significant between Life and Death. God may just take away your life in a split second. But why, why Lord, why my dear friends?? They don't even get to know You, why Lord?? I admit, I'll blame the Lord sometimes, and guilt myself for that... I know i'm not supposed to, but.... Is their lost something ok??

Lord, please strengthen me, please uphold me.. How I wish that none of this could have happened.. Lord, you can just rise them up from the death if You wann to, but let Your will be done.. Let Your will be done..........

Is it fair for them?? That people start to know them, start to miss them, start to love them, start to appreciate them, start to wish how much they wann them to be back, just after they're no longer with us?? What's the point?? Lord, may You give us this as a lesson, despite all, that we, all human beings, shall learn to appreciate, love, care, for everybody they love now, families, friends.... don't wait till its too late, and start crying for them, its too late..

I pray for their families, that Lord You will be with them, let them know of Your great love, despite their great sorrow, their hysteric grieve, that they need to continue on with life.. Let our friends' memories be instilled in their family members always, no matter what..

As this goes to their friends, remember them always, continue to love them always, despite being down to the abyss, despite being ached griefly, we'll still live on our life, and even better, to life a meaningful life, a miraculous life..

May we be remembering their death anniversary, may we mourn and think of them on that day for half and hour or more, may we cry for them on that day..

Lord, I know you are aware of this situation, undoubtedly, things had been going on greatly, till this happened.. What's more?? Chung Ling is facing a great dilemma now.. People are blaming our beloved HM for our friends' accidents. Despite all the fears, all the sorrows, all the pressures, he managed to stand up among all, straight, and said this, "I will take full responsibility of it...." This is our HM, we're proud of him, who says he's a coward?? Lord, may You be among all Chung Ling kias, may You speak to them, give them visions, uphold them in perfect unison during these tough times.. Teachers and students alike, stand up for justice, for truth, for passion, for love.........

How I wish to go back, how I wish to be with my dear friends at their last moment, how I wish to be part of Chung Ling again amidst this dark times. Lord, what I can do, is just to pray. the Scriptures says: "Prayer is the most powerful weapon a man has, despite all things, prayer will get you through tough times." I believe that, I truly do.. Lord, may you strengthen my Spirit, so that my dear prayers for my friends, my companions, my school, my home, will be heard. Lord, listen to me.. Lord....

Brendon, Jason, Zi Jun, Yi Zhang, I'll say this: I appreciate all the times we had together last time, sweet moments, bitter times, I apprecaite all.. Your laughter, your shoutings, your rebellious bellows, ringing in my aching head.. Your handsome face, your fine features, your strimmed bodyline, appear in my busted mind every once a while.. Is it that I want you, is that we need you... We love you, bren, jason, jun, zhang........

Lord, I pray.....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nothing to post man!!
Life's great..
K bye

Friday, November 20, 2009


Dark menacing clouds gathered above him..
Thunders reverberated and lightning flashed..

He shivered uncontrollably...
Huge stumbling boulders came crashing down like waves eroding the shores..
He started crying piteously, he fell to his knees..
"Help me my Lord!!" he screamed hysterically despite the roaring weather..

Things he cared for, seemed to be far upon his reach..
People he cared for, am I going to see them again?? He questioned himself..
He... He did not want to leave again..
He... His heart grew ached everytime he left..
It'll be another long time for him to see them again, for him to be back again..
But.. Will things still remain as it was when he come back next time??

The gloom silhoutte casted behind him, making him smaller than usual..
His heart, was like a small tiny boat, sailing in the huge, jet-black ocean, with waves like gnashing teeth, rain like pelting missles..
The boat struggled, it can't seemed to find a firm place to hold on to........

Suddenly, a light sparkled..

He glanced towards the direction..
He remembered the One who remains faithful no matter what, the One who is waiting for him everytime, the One who is waiting for him to cry for Him, and He, He will reach out for him...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yet again, nice pics..

A perfect reflection of the colossal mansion, by the stunning sheet of gushing fountain water.

A tremendously fast spinning ball dashing towards the camera, luckily i'm not the camera man..

had it just eaten an ectasy pill?? No wonder it keep shaking the head.. Mad.. Well, at least the water look nice..

Wow.... Amazing.. What else could be more breathtaking than the floating pearly clouds hovering above this huge mountain??

Erm.. Its somewhere in Italy, somewhere somewhere.. Forgot liao.. Anyway, its still beautiful enough..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back home..

Yesterday 6:00 reached Penang International Airport..
Dad fetched me, back home..
Somehow, not what I expected yet..
Somehow, its just not yet coming..
Uh.. Whatever..
I'll be strong man, I'll be....
Hope everyone have fun during holiday!!
Congrats to people who finished O level...
All the best to people taking SPM...
All the best too to people who are taking PMR and UPSR results..

I love you guys..

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Haha! Fine, I'll sound more cheerful..
My girlfriend complains, nah nag..

Oh tomorrow School!!
Erm i dont think its something cheerful..
But somehow, stupidly, i look forward!! AHh!! NO!! What's with me having this kinda thinking!! :P

Going back M'sia on 13 Nov!! Woohoo!!
Means that I will not see my M'sia gang till next year!
Means that I will not be to school till next year!
Means that I will not be taking MRT till next year!
Means that I will not be spending more than 30 minutes everyday walking till next year!
Means that I will be able to see my M'sia frens back there!
Means that I will be able to see my family, WOOHOO!
Means that.... That.. I will not be able to see my girlfriend till next year...... Woohoo!!

Nah.. My crap.. Get along with it, nag... Muahahaha..
*Gorilla laughing along..*